Body Contour Treatments – The Importance of Nutrition and Aftercare

Following the vast majority of non-surgical aesthetic treatments, there are normally treatment aftercare guides to adhere to. This is an essential part of these treatments and should never be overlooked. Following these guidelines will ensure you recover quickly and avoid any possible side effects associated with the treatment. Complications have been known to arise following some body contour treatments simply due to a client or patient ignoring the aftercare advice given. Also, the provision of sensible dietary advice can assist with the clients end aesthetic results.

Here at Body Sculpting Clinics, we understand the importance of our aftercare guidelines and dietary advice and pass this on to all clients after their treatment. Over the years, we have developed a holistic approach to body sculpting. This has ensured all our body contour treatments such as Lipo Freeze, Lipo Freeze Ultra, Lipo Cavitation and Radio Frequency Skin Tightening treatments have the best possible chance of delivering optimum results.

Why nutrition is an essential part of all body contour treatments?

Our non-surgical body contour treatments have been proven time and time again to be effective in reducing fat in targeted areas of the body. Take Lipo Freeze for example… Lipo Freeze (cryolipolysis) can actually destroy fat cells completely as apoptosis occurs. The problem is that there is nothing to say that the dead fat cells can’t be replaced by new fat cells. This is where educating our clients about their diet and lifestyle plays a crucial role in ensuring that they get the results they want but more importantly, keep those results!

We often find that clients look for a quick fix to help them lose inches before a holiday, a wedding or other special occasion. After the big event, they go back to their normal everyday routine and this negatively impacts on the results they achieved. After any of our body contour treatments, positive results will gradually occur however, it remains the individual’s responsibility to maintain those results. This can only be realised when sensible diet and lifestyle choices are made.

Each grown adult has a certain number of fat cells distributed around their body. The number of fat cells varies from one person to another. It is these fat cells that our body contour treatments aim to permanently destroy through the process of apoptosis. In our experience, we have become increasingly aware that those who view our treatments as a quick fix, often fail to maintain their initial results. On the other hand, those who embrace the aftercare advice and take on board the sound nutritional guidelines find that they enjoy much longer lasting if not permanent results.

What food and drink is advisable after treatment?

Our non-surgical body contour treatments selectively alter or kill the fat cells in the body. Without you realising it, this has a big impact on your body. Eating food with high protein content can assist your body in regenerating new cells. Protein is also great for the general functioning of your body’s tissues and the organs necessary for processing the dead fat cells.

Increase your water intake

We also highly recommend that our clients drink at least 2-3 litres of water everyday. It is important to note that the recommended daily allowance is just a guideline. Depending on your size and whether you are male or female may mean that you need more or less than 2 litres. This is equivalent to approximately 8 glasses of water per day.

The first benefit that water has to bring when it comes to weight loss is that is serves as an appetite suppressant. Drinking water before you eat can make you feel fuller quicker. Therefore, you eat less resulting in lower calorie intake. Drinking more water has also been proven to help you burn more calories by up to 30% quicker.

Recommended foods to eat after body contour treatments

We always strongly recommend that our clients control the size of the portions they consume and that they steer clear of processed foods. Eating the following foods in sensible portion sizes combined with a regular exercise will assist with your results following any of our body contour treatments.

Highly Recommended Protein Sources

  • Lean meats such as beef, salmon, tuna, chicken and turkey
  • Vegetable source proteins (soy beans, nuts, lentils and chick peas)
  • Dairy proteins (Greek yoghurt and cottage cheese)
  • Whole grains (brown rice, quinoa and oatmeal)
  • Vegetables and green leaves
  • Fresh and dried fruit
  • Use of olive oil, coconut oil and ghee butter

Our general meal advice

It’s true what they say…Breakfast really is is the most important meal of the day. Why is this we here you ask? Well, it helps your body in maintaining its metabolism. Skipping breakfast thinking that you are not consuming as many calories is false economy as far as your diet is concerned. We also recommend drinking one cup of coffee in the morning.  Coffee stimulates the production of hydrochloric acid which helps to lower protein absorption. Consuming foods high in protein, carbohydrates and vitamins is crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Avoid frying foods but instead opt for using the grill or oven. Even better, why not try steaming your food? Clients should reduce their salt intake and avoid white sugar, milk and all white flours found in bread. These have all been linked to water retention.


Eating a balanced diet can only positively impact on your results following any of our body contour treatments. Starting to eat nutritious and healthy foods and replacing sugary drinks with water will aid the processing of dead fat cells killed off during the treatment and help with flushing them out of your body via the lymphatic system. Ultimately, no individual can expect to long-lasting retain results from their treatment if they continue to lead a sedentary lifestyle and make poor diet choices.

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