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Free Phone ConsultationPrior to booking an appointment with Body Sculpting Clinics, we highly recommend you schedule a FREE phone consultation with one of our therapists. The primary purpose of the phone consultation is to establish whether the treatment/s you’re interested in are suitable for you. The phone call is informal by nature and starts out with a therapist explaining in detail what the treatment/s involves. Then the client is invited to ask any questions that they may have in relation to the treatment procedure.

We take special care to be as informative as possible when answering your questions so that you fully understand the process before booking an appointment. The next step is to make sure you medically qualify for treatment by running through any relevant contraindications. Unfortunately, some clients are unable to go ahead with some treatments due to underlying medical conditions or prescription medication.


Face to Face ConsultationBefore each and every treatment performed at Body Sculpting Clinics, we always carry out an in-depth face to face consultation. Similar to the FREE phone consultation, we explain the treatment/s and then answer any questions that the client may have in great detail. We then request that the client answers all the questions on the medical questionnaire to medically qualify them for treatment. Depending on the nature of the chosen treatment, it maybe necessary to carry out an examination of the area/s being treated to assess suitability for treatment. Then after signing the relevant disclaimer, the treatment/s can then go ahead.

Please be aware that whilst we do not discriminate, we reserve the right to refuse treatment should a client not medically qualify for treatment. Various medical conditions or taking prescription medication can render a client unsuitable for treatment. Our clients health and well-being is held in the highest regard and we can not make any exceptions if a clients health is contraindicated.