Cryo Lipo Slimming Treatments – Do they really work?

If I had a pound for every time I’m asked whether cryo lipo slimming treatments are safe, I would be extremely wealthy indeed. Fat freezing procedures that rely on the process of cryolipolysis to non-surgically destroy fat cells work on the premise that fat is more temperature sensitive than your skin. As a result, fat cells die before the skin is adversely affected by the sub-zero temperatures.

One of the cryo lipo slimming treatments to first get approval back in 2010 by the FDA for safety was CoolSculpting. Since then there have been lots of other companies that have had equipment developed for getting rid of love handles and unwanted bulges.

Cowboys who perform Cryo Lipo Slimming Treatments

At first glance, this all sounds too good to be true but providing treatment is carried out at a reputable company, the technology works really well. “The equipment used plays a large part in the effectiveness of the treatment,” states the director of Body Sculpting Clinics. We have heard numerous horror stories from clients who have been to small back street companies for treatment. These companies buy cheaply made machines from China that at best are ineffective and at worst, cause cold burns to the skin.

Another cause for skin damage is when a low quality anti-freeze membrane is used to protect the skin. The membranes should come in a sealed, silver foil wrapper. When opened, the membrane should be at least a millimetre in thickness and be saturated in anti-freeze gel. The gel should literally be dripping from the membrane once it is removed from the wrapper.

Looking for Happy Client Testimonials

When deciding on a reputable and professional company to perform cryo lipo slimming treatments to a high standard, look for client reviews. You can’t put a price due diligence to ensure you experience is positive with a successful outcome. You can check Trust Pilot or other review sites. These days, thanks to social media sites, you can find genuine customer reviews on sites like Facebook. Also, the company website might be a place where reviews are posted.

Who is suitable for Cryo Lipo Slimming Treatments?

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear. These treatments are not for someone who’s obese. Cryolipolysis has never claimed to be a weight loss solution. There’s a big difference between losing weight and losing fat and we will discuss the difference shortly. Ideally, this type of treatment is for someone looking to target specific areas of their body. They want to mildly reduce stubborn fat in certain areas that under normal circumstances, seems resistant to both diet and exercise.

It’s not designed for major fat removal like with liposuction. It should be considered to be an inch loss treatment for improving body contour. At the consultation, we have to consider the patients, lifestyle, age, diet, skin quality and medical history. Not everyone is suitable for treatment as certain medical conditions and medication would render some clients unsuitable for treatment. The ideal candidate would be relatively fit and well, be within 3-4 stone of their ideal weight and have a BMI of no more than 28.

The Difference between Losing Weight and Losing Fat

When someone loses weight, the fat cells shrink but the fat cells are still their. They are just smaller. Losing weight does not destroy, kill or remove fat cells. How many fat cells in our bodies is determined in our teenage years. When we make poor diet choices and lead sedentary lifestyles, these fat cells grow in size and this leads to us putting on weight.

Cryo lipo slimming treatments work by eliminating the fat cells completely. After treatment, the fat cells are reduced by between 20% and 40% in the area treated. These fat cells are naturally processed by the liver and flushed out of the body via the lymphatic system. Despite the science behind cryolipolysis being fairly straight forward, a popular misconception is that the fat cells migrate to a different part of the body. This simply isn’t true!

Cryo Lipo Slimming Treatments

Cryo lipo slimming treatments will not help you lose weight but they will eliminate fat cells. By doing so, you are reducing the potential for these fat cells to grow. You see, processed fat is a source of energy for the body but excess fat is stored in fat cells. The less fat cells you have, the less fat you store.

The results achieved with Cryo Lipo Slimming Treatments

Although many companies will state that it’s a single treatment, here at Diamond Lipo we find that best results are achieved after 2-3 treatments. A single session does work but the results can sometimes be imperceptible to the clients. The more treatments you have, the more results you see.

Some clients will have one treatment and be disappointed when they realise they have only lost 1 inch after a 12 week period. What they should be thinking is that they have lost one inch without dieting, exercising or going under the surgeon’s knife.

Anywhere from 20% to 40% fat reduction in a treatment area is possible from a single treatment. To put that into perspective, let’s say we put 25% of the fat in a handful of tissue and popped it on the scale, the needle would have hardly moved. So this treatment adds up to very little on the scales.

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