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Thanks to the development of more compact cryo head applicators for our Lipo Freeze machines, we are now able to treat smaller areas of the body. This of course includes the jowls (under the chin) for double chin reduction. For many us, as we get older, fatty deposits can gather under the chin which can make people look a lot older than their actual age. After just a couple of Lipo Freeze treatments, clients can expect to see a marked improvement and a noticeable reduction in fat around the jowls. Using Lipo Freeze technology, we can precisely target and deliver controlled cooling to a double chin. Cooling the fat cells in this area to a pre-determined temperature, causes them to freeze without affecting any of the surrounding tissue. This is because fat cells are more sensitive to cold temperatures than skin and nerve tissue. In the weeks that follow treatment, the body naturally processes the dead fat cells and removes them from the body. This process results in localised fat reduction.
ARE THE RESULTS PERMANENT? 2017-12-04T19:33:24+00:00

Unfortunatley, we all continue to age so the results are not permanent but you can expect the results to last up to 2 years.

HOW LONG DOES TREATMENT TAKE? 2017-12-04T19:33:17+00:00

A session can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on the area being treated.

ARE THERE ANY SIDE AFFECTS? 2017-12-04T19:33:10+00:00

Immediately after treatment the area will appear reddened with small brown strategically placed spots. 1-2 days following treatment you may experience swelling in the area which can be soothed with a cold compress. Small crusty scabs will form on the area of treatment and these must be left alone. After 5-7 days these small crusty scabs will fall gradually fall away as wound healing process continues. After 2-3 weeks the area of treatment is fully healed.

IS FIBROBLAST A PAINFUL TREATMENT? 2017-12-04T19:32:58+00:00

None of our clients consider the treatment to be painful due to the fact that numbing cream is applied prior to treatment. The cream we use is called NoPain®. It is an anesthetic based numbing cream that’s considered to the most powerful and effective numbing cream ever made.

HOW MANY SESSIONS WILL I NEED? 2017-08-03T14:44:53+00:00

The vast majority require only a single treatment. Experts agree that dramatic clinical outcomes can be achieved with the HIFU Facelift with improvements clearly visible 6 months after the initial treatment. Follow up treatments could be performed at one year intervals, depending on the degree of lifting and tightening the client requires.

IS THE HIFU FACELIFT SAFE? 2017-06-02T22:59:12+00:00

HIFU has been CE cleared for eyebrow lifting, jowl lifting, nasolabial fold reduction, periorbital wrinkle reduction and overall skin tightening and rejuvenation in targeted areas. Various forms of HIFU technology are practiced safely in both the medical and cosmetic field.

IS THE HIFU FACELIFT SUITABLE TO MEN? 2017-06-02T22:56:26+00:00

Yes – Men are just as suitable for the HIFU facelift treatment as women. In fact, we are finding that more and more men are turning to this type of non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatment. They seem to prefer it to more invasive procedures such as wrinkle relaxing injections and fillers.

HOW LONG WILL TREATMENT TAKE? 2017-06-02T22:52:11+00:00

Treatment time can vary depending on the amount of areas being treated and the experience level of your therapist. On average, a full face and neck procedure usually takes about 1.5 hours in total to complete.

HOW LONG CAN I EXPECT THE RESULTS TO LAST? 2017-07-26T17:54:33+00:00

The vast majority will experience the initial lifting and tightening effect in the first 3 months following treatment. This is the point where you may first start to notice the increased collagen volume in the areas treated. However, the collagen will continue to grow and reform for up to 6 months. It is at the 6 month point that the full results of a HIFU treatment are realised.

WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF COLLAGEN? 2017-06-02T22:37:13+00:00

Collagen could be considered to be the building blocks of the skin. Collagen provides strength and structures. As we grow older, the amount of collagen in the skin deceases resulting in a decrease in skin elasticity and firmness. This causes fine lines, wrinkles and sagging to occur over time.

WHICH AREAS OF THE FACE CAN BE TREATED? 2017-08-03T14:43:45+00:00

Various areas of the face and neck can be treated with HIFU. These include the neck, jawline, nasolabial folds, eyelids, cheeks and forehead. There are a couple of areas that can not be treated which include around the lips, between the eyebrows or over the windpipe.

IS THE HIFU PROCEDURE PAINFUL? 2017-08-03T14:49:18+00:00

HIFU at times can cause mild discomfort. However, this varies from person to person. The vast majority of clients are able to tolerate the procedure without feeling any discomfort at all. Those who do experience mild temporary discomfort describe the sensation as a series of “small pin pricks” travelling over the area of treatment.

HOW IS HIFU PERFORMED? 2017-06-02T22:22:43+00:00

A thin layer of ultrasound gel is first applied to the area of treatment. Then utilising a special applicator, high intensity focused ultrasound energy is delivered in short focused bursts to the area. HIFU causes thermal coagulation at 3 selected depths beneath the skin. The thermal coagulation causes micro injury to various layers of the skin. This includes the SMAS, which is the same layer of tissue that surgeons pull tight during a surgical face lift. The bodies wound healing response to the micro injury is to gradually grow and form new collagen. This results in a gradual and longer-term tightening effect on the skin.

WHAT AREAS OF THE BODY CAN BE TREATED? 2017-06-02T16:45:38+00:00

Upper & lower abdomen, upper arms, inner and outer thighs, love handles, flanks, muffin top, banana rolls (underneath buttocks), hips, male torso/man boobs. The applicator can not be used on the ankles or wrists as usually these areas are too small to treat. Lipo Freeze can be used to reduce “man boobs” but cannot be used to treat female breast tissue or gynocomastia.


The Lipo Freeze treatment results in a notable and natural reduction of fat tissue, avoiding the traumatic experience of invasive methods (liposuction), and risk of damage to surrounding tissue. It is different to other non-invasive laser lipo offerings that use lasers (like I-Lipo, Strawberry and Laser Lipo). Cryolipolysis, physically destroys the fat cells so it is normally a single session treatment inlike laser fat reduction treatments which require multiple sessions.

No exercise is required for the treatment to get results and the results are permanent. The results are not as fast or as dramatic as invasive procedures like liposuction or tummy tuck. Lipo Freeze is an effective alternative for those wanting to avoid the higher cost, pain, risk, and recovery time associated with surgery.


No supplements or special diet plans are required. In most cases, you will not need to change your exercise routine for the treatment to be effective. However, you should not consider Lipo Freeze to be a substitute leading an active and healthy lifestyle. On the contrary, we believe that combining Lipo Freeze with with a healthy diet and lifestyle will only serve to improve your overall result. We work closely with Xfit and personal trainers so should you require lifestyle advice we can refer you to experienced specialists. Aftercare includes advice to increase your water intake, avoid caffeine & other toxins to support your bodies natural processes.


Lipo Freeze is not a solution to obesity. It is especially intended for localised fat reduction only. The ideal candidate would be someone who is generally fit and well and maintains a healthy lifestyle. Despite them being of general good health, they have stubborn fat deposits around the abdomen, flanks, lower back, hips, thighs, upper arms etc. We recommend candidates be within or near their ideal body weight in terms of the BMI. We normally see the best results in those within this group.


Unlike liposuction, Lipo Freeze is non-surgical so there are very few side effects. There is no recovery period or downtime. However, immediately following treatment you should expect some transient redness and even numbness in the area treated. In some rare instances, slight haematoma, due to the vacuum (similar to a love bite)can occur or even swelling, superficial bruising, extended redness. Rest assured, these side effects are temporary and you can resume your normal everyday activities without discomfort immediately after your treatment.

IS THERE ANY PAIN INVOLVED? 2017-06-02T16:25:02+00:00

Clients should expect to feel a tugging sensation in the treatment area due to the vacuum effect used to hold the fat in place during treatment. You can then expect to feel an intense cold sensation at the beginning of the procedure at the vacuum site but this subsides after about 5 minutes as the area goes numb. Some have referred to the sensation as “odd” or “unusual” but certainly not painful. We often have clients fall asleep during their session. No anaesthetic or numbing agent is required and we will do all we can to ensure your treatment is as comfortable as possible.

HOW LONG DO THE RESULTS TAKE? 2017-06-02T16:14:54+00:00

This depends on the individual, the fat thickness, and the area treated. Changes happen over a number of weeks, 12 weeks being the estimated time to see the maximum result, although some of our clients begin to see changes at around 2 weeks. In clinical trials 12 weeks post treatment, 9 out of 10 people saw an undeniable reduction in the treated area.

WHAT RESULTS SHOULD I EXPECT? 2017-08-03T14:39:59+00:00

Clinical studies indicate that Lipo Freeze is effective on between 20% to 40% of fat cells in the area treated. Results vary from one person to the next due to numerous factors such as the thickness of the fat deposits in each area, the individuals lifestyle, adherence to the aftercare procedure etc.

HOW MANY SESSIONS WILL I NEED? 2017-08-03T14:41:40+00:00

Generally speaking, Lipo Freeze is considered to be a single session treatment. However, everybody is different so some people may find that they benefit from a follow up session. It all depends on the thickness of the fat layer in the area that is being treated. Also, some may wish to have the same area treated again for further fat reduction. Those who choose to have the same area treated again are recommended to leave 45 – 60 days between treatments for best results. This enables us to measure the effectiveness of the initial treatment.

HOW LONG DOES TREATMENT TAKE? 2017-06-02T16:46:44+00:00

Treatment takes 40 minutes per area. However, our machines are capable of treating up to 4 areas at a time so typically, you can expect 4 areas (upper abdomen, lower abdomen and both hips) to be treated within one hour. Additional time may be required depending on the thickness of the fat in the area of treatment. All of this will be discussed during your pre-treatment consultation.


Fat cells perish and are dissolved into the body via the lymphatic & immune system. The nervous system flushes effected fat cells from the system using the bodies natural processes. The area treated becomes smaller in size over the following weeks as this process happens.

HOW DOES LIPO FREEZE WORK? 2017-06-02T15:58:31+00:00

Fat cells are more sensitive to cold exposure than other tissue. When cooled fat cells crystallise and as a result no longer function in their usual way, and breakdown (Apoptosis). The surrounding blood vessels, nerves, etc are much less sensitive to cool exposure and remain unaffected. This results in the elimination of the fat cells without damage to the surrounding tissues.

DOES LIPO FREEZE WORK? 2017-06-02T15:56:33+00:00

YES – In numerous clinical trials, Lipo Freeze has been proven to be effective. There are also lots of before and after photos that support the effectiveness of the Lipo Freeze treatment.

WHAT IS LIPO FREEZE? 2017-06-02T15:21:35+00:00

Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive procedure. It uses cooling technology that results in localised fat reduction. The technology behind Cryolipolysis, was designed and developed by dermatologists at Harvard Medical School. Their analysis revealed that fat cells are more responsive to the effects of cold in contrast to the surrounding tissue. Fat cells crystallise at different temperatures than other cells. It is specific in breaking down the fat cells whilst sparing all the other tissue like the skin, muscle mass, and nerve fibres.


  • Treat Double Chin Area/Both Jowls

Following a Lipo Freeze treatment, there are no strict dietary guidelines to follow or rigorous exercise regime to adhere to. However, it is important to note that your Lipo Freeze treatment has frozen the fat cells in the targeted area and this has led to their ultimate destruction. Your body will now recognise the destroyed fat cells as toxins and seek to process them by way of your metabolism, immune system and lymphatic system.

For this reason, it is wise to assist these internal physiological processes in any way you can. Fortunately, you can give your body a helping hand by following a few simple procedures.

1. The most important part of the aftercare procedure is increasing your water intake. It is imperative for the 12 weeks that follow your treatment, you drink the recommended daily allowance of at least 2 litres of water every day. This is to aid the ‘Flushing Out’ process. As your metabolism and immune system work to break down the dead fat cells, the lymphatic system works to remove these processed toxins out of the body.

So, common sense dictates that you drink plenty of water to assist this process. We  recommend you download a water balance app such as We find this one works really well to help you track your water intake. It works on both iPhone and Android devices and even alerts you when it recognises you need to top up on your fluids. However, there are plenty of other similar apps available for you to choose from.

2. Maintaining a healthy diet with sensible portion sizes can only serve to ensure the dead fat cells are not replaced. Whilst the treatment offers permanent fat loss results in the area treated, it stands to reason that if you choose to live a sedentary lifestyle with poor diet choices then eventually, the fat lost will be replaced.

3. Leading an active lifestyle will most certainly assist your metabolism in breaking down the dead fat cells so that they can be more readily removed via the lymphatic system. It is advisable to at least undertake some form of light exercise 2-3 times a week. Nothing too strenuous but activities such as brisk walking, light jogging, and swimming for at least 25 mins per session will positively impact on your end results.

4. We recommend you avoiding caffeine and alcohol for 24 hours following your treatment. Initially, this is due to the fact that your liver is already busy working to process the toxins produced as the dead cells are broken down. Therefore, adding to your livers workload would be counter productive. We would also recommend that your intake of caffeine and alcohol over the 12 week period is in moderation as both of these toxins dehydrate your body.

5. It is also advisable that you avoid warm/hot temperature environments such as sunbeds, steam rooms, saunas or hot tubs for 24 hours after treatment. This is because your body has been exposed to sub zero temperatures during the Lipo Freeze treatment and switching to a warm environment can cause the skin in the area treated to react in an adverse manner. You can however, bath or take a shower in luke warm water in the evening following your treatment,

You will be pleased to learn, if you require further and more in-depth lifestyle guidance in relation to diet, nutrition and exercise, we have a fully qualified personal trainer and nutritional coach on hand to advise you.

N.B. Please be mindful, results vary from person to person for a variety of reasons. Your age, size, gender, weight, metabolism, genetics, physical and medical condition, lifestyle and many other factors all impact on your inch loss results. We can not stress enough the importance of adhering to the aftercare procedure. In particular, your 2 litre water intake. For these reasons, Body Sculpting Clinics can not guarantee your final results. This is because we have no control over your actions once you leave the clinic. Please also be aware that should you begin taking any form of medication during the 12 week aftercare period, your results could be negatively affected.

Please be patient when waiting to see a noticeable difference. Although if you reach the end of the 12 week period and you are unsure about your results, feel free to send us your measurements and we will be happy to send your original measurements for you to compare.



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