Female Body Sculpting – What To Expect

Female Body Sculpting – What to Expect

Making the decision to undergo any treatment can often be a daunting prospect……. Will the procedure hurt? Is it expensive? Will I get good results? Are there any side effects? It is always recommended that clients thoroughly do their research before undergoing any treatment. Here is what to expect from female body sculpting by the experts at Body Sculpting Clinics…..


A consultation is required for all Lipo Freeze and Lipo Freeze Ultra treatments. This is to check suitability and medically qualify the individual for treatment. This can be offered over the phone or face-to-face at one of our clinics with one of our treatment therapists. During the consultation, we will gather an understanding of the concerns of the client and provide them with realistic expectations and a customised treatment plan for them, as well as answering any questions that they may have on female body sculpting.

Some individuals may only require one visit in order to achieve the desired results, however, for multiple areas of female body sculpting, 2 or 3 visits may be advised. With our advanced Lipo Freeze machines, we can treat up to 4 areas at any one time. Your therapist will advise you as to which areas they think you would benefit from having treatment on and also how many sessions are required to achieve your desired result.

Treatment Day

Your therapist will greet you and ask you to fill out a thorough consultation form. Any questions that you may have will be answered and the therapist will explain to you each step of the treatment, ensuring that you are reassured and comfortable at all times. We do like to take measurements of the areas to be treated and also photos pre-treatment, should you consent to this. This is a good way of measuring and visibly seeing your results in the coming weeks.

During your treatment, a gel membrane containing anti-freeze gel and applicator will be applied to the chosen area. The applicator delivers controlled cooling to the targeted fat as well as a suction. Many of our clients watch TV, use their phones or even lay back and have a snooze during treatment. The cooling device will be in position for a total of 40 minutes. Once the treatment ends, the applicator will be removed and the area/s will be gently massaged for 2-3 minutes to encourage the breakdown of the fat cells treated.

Post Female Body Sculpting Treatment

Clients can return to their normal activities immediately after a Female Body Sculpting Treatment. Exercise is recommended as well as drinking plenty of water (2-3 litres) daily for the 12 weeks following treatment.  An aftercare guide full of information and helpful tips is be given to all clients who have undergone Lipo Freeze or Lipo Freeze Ultra in order to help them gain the best result possible for them.

Are there any side effects?

Lipo Freeze and Lipo Freeze Ultra bears no long term side effects and the procedure is completely safe. Immediately after treatment or the first few days following treatment, mild/moderate bruising may appear on the skin of the area treated. This is completely normal and nothing to worry about at all. It is due to the suction provided by the applicator during treatment. The skin may be a little red post treatment and there may even be slight swelling on the area treated. These effects are temporary and generally resolve within days or weeks. They are nothing to worry about. If you do have any concerns following treatment, we are available to contact via phone, email or Facebook messenger for piece of mind.


Lipo Freeze can give 20-40% fat reduction on the targeted area, provided that the aftercare guide is followed correctly. While some clients may see results as early as 2 weeks after their first treatment, the full result is usually seen 3 months following treatment unless advised otherwise. Lipo Freeze Ultra can however enhance and speed up the results as well as firming the skin and reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Please feel free to take a look at our before and after photos in our gallery and see the results for yourself. Our prices can be found on our website too. Please check our Facebook Page for our latest offers!

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