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Following a Lipo Freeze treatment, there are no strict dietary guidelines to follow or rigorous exercise regime to adhere to. However, it is important to note that your Lipo Freeze treatment has frozen the fat cells in the targeted area and this has led to their ultimate destruction. Your body will now recognise the destroyed fat cells as toxins and seek to process them by way of your metabolism, immune system and lymphatic system.

For this reason, it is wise to assist these internal physiological processes in any way you can. Fortunately, you can give your body a helping hand by following a few simple procedures.

1. The most important part of the aftercare procedure is increasing your water intake. It is imperative for the 12 weeks that follow your treatment, you drink the recommended daily allowance of at least 2 litres of water every day. This is to aid the ‘Flushing Out’ process. As your metabolism and immune system work to break down the dead fat cells, the lymphatic system works to remove these processed toxins out of the body.

We  recommend you download a water balance app such as We find this one works really well to help you track your water intake. It works on both iPhone and Android devices and even alerts you when it recognises you need to top up on your fluids. However, there are plenty of other similar apps available for you to choose from.

2. Maintaining a healthy diet with sensible portion sizes can only serve to ensure the dead fat cells are not replaced. Whilst the treatment offers long-term fat loss results in the area treated, it stands to reason that if you choose to live a sedentary lifestyle with poor diet choices then eventually, the fat lost will be replaced.

3. Leading an active lifestyle will most certainly assist your metabolism in breaking down the dead fat cells so that they can be more readily removed via the lymphatic system. It is advisable to at least undertake some form of light exercise 2-3 times a week. Nothing too strenuous but activities such as brisk walking, light jogging, and swimming for at least 25 mins per session will positively impact on your end results.

4. We recommend you avoiding caffeine and alcohol for 24 hours following your treatment. Initially, this is due to the fact that your liver is already busy working to process the toxins produced as the dead cells are broken down. Therefore, adding to your livers workload would be counterproductive. We would also recommend that your intake of caffeine and alcohol over the 12 week period is in moderation as both of these toxins dehydrate your body.

You will be pleased to learn, if you require further and more in-depth lifestyle guidance in relation to diet, nutrition and exercise, we have a fully qualified personal trainer and nutritional coach on hand to advise you.

N.B. Please be mindful, results vary from person to person for a variety of reasons. Your age, size, gender, weight, metabolism, genetics, physical and medical condition, lifestyle and many other factors all impact on your inch loss results. We can not stress enough the importance of adhering to the aftercare procedure. For these reasons, Body Sculpting Clinics can not guarantee your final results. This is because we have no control over your actions once you leave the clinic. Please also be aware that should you begin taking any form of medication during the 12 week aftercare period, your results could be negatively affected.

Please be patient when waiting to see a noticeable difference. After a 12 week period following your treatment, you will be required to return to our clinic to be remeasured so your results can be evaluated.


Following on from your HIFU facelift treatment, to ensure maximum results we advise you to follow aftercare procedures.HIFU Aftercare

  1. Drink 2 Litres of water per day. This helps to maintain hydration in the skin and flushes toxins from the body. This enables the body and liver to function correctly.
  2. We also recommend that you cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day (morning and night). Maintaining a good skincare regime will only help improve your result.
  3. Protecting skin from UV exposure and the environment. Use creams/moisturiser with a minimum SPF factor 30+
  4. No caffeine or alcohol 24 hours before and after treatment as this will dehydrate the skin.
  5. No botox/fillers or any chemically specialized facials for 2 weeks after treatment, (minimum).
  6. Avoid steamy baths/ steam room and saunas up to 24 hours afterwards

Side effects to be aware of which could occur temporarily after HIFU……

  • Slight head ache
  • Aching to the jaw
  • Redness to the skin
  • Tingling Sensation to the treated area/s

Any side effects experienced are temporary in nature.